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If you’re planning an outdoor wedding then you’ll probably want to hire a marquee for the celebrations after the ceremony, or indeed for the ceremony itself.

There are many advantages to hiring a marquee for you wedding, including the flexibility they offer in size and designs, which allows the newlyweds to put their own individuality into the celebrations.

In addition to this, a marquee offers a couple the only chance of spending their wedding day at home or at one of their families’ homes, which will help to give the event a more private feel.

Bride and grooms-to-be who are planning to hire a marquee for their wedding must take a few things into consideration before deciding the style and size of the marquee they hire. Firstly, you must make plans for the possibility of bad weather and ensure there is enough room in the marquee for everyone because if it rains no one will want to stand outside.

Another important consideration is the space you’ll need for the tables and chairs if you’re having a formal seated event. It is advisable to have a minimum of 15 square feet per person to ensure everyone has enough room at the table. For a buffet this should be reduced to 8 sq ft per person, but extra space will be needed for dance floors, music equipment etc.

You should also bear in mind that many marquee hire companies will want to pitch the marquees two or three days before the wedding, so you must ensure the garden is cleared and ready in plenty of time.

In most cases, the marquee hire company can provide furniture and fittings for the inside of the marquee, but it is worth asking them exactly what they provide and whether they can match your wedding theme, style or colour.

Finally, make sure you book the marquee as soon as possible because marquee suppliers get booked up months in advance, particularly in the summer months of June, July and August when many people like to get married outdoors.