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Whether you’re hiring a marquee for a wedding, corporate event, such as a product launch or conference, or for a special occasion, such as a birthday or dinner party, there are a number of things you should expect as standard from your marquee hire company:

  1. Most marquee hire companies will supply the furniture, lighting and flooring as well as the marquee of your choice. They will also have contact details for other event companies, so they can arrange catering equipment, marquee decoration, theme parties, etc, or at least point you in the right direction for these little extras.

  2. Along with furniture, lighting and flooring, you should expect your marquee hire firm to provide heating for the marquee so even in the coldest winter your marquee (and your guests) will be dry, warm and comfortable.

  3. You should know roughly how many people are expected to attend your event before hiring the marquee because the hire company will want to supply you with a marquee or tent to fit everyone in, which is particularly important on a rainy day. If you’re have a seated event you need to allow a minimum of 15 square feet per person to ensure everyone has enough room, while for a buffet the size should be 8 sq ft per person.

  4. In most cases you should expect the marquee hire company to pitch the marquees two or three days before the day of your event, so make sure the garden, field or area is cleared and ready in plenty of time.